The challenge

INOXPA S.A.U. wanted to develop a new series of seat valves to be used across a wide range of applications. The aim of the INNOVA project was to replace the existing seat valves as there was a lack of consistency, and the products had become obsolete. INOXPA therefore wanted to develop a brand new product with optimised features and an improved quality.

The process

In order to meet with the above requirements, it was necessary to renew the design of the seat valves, which called for competitive cooperative partners in the various parts of the design phase.

“In close cooperation with INOXPA, we tested and selected the rubber qualities best suited for the application and ended up with tailormade compounds in EPDM, FPM and HNBR,” says Carsten Bach Jensen, Sales Manager at AVK GUMMI, and continues: “After producing the first prototype tools, we carried out in-house tests of the rubber seals and made the necessary adjustments before sending the gaskets for test at INOXPA.”

AVK GUMMI made sure that the required approvals were obtained during the development phase, ensuring that the hygienic design of the INNOVA valves was in accordance with EHEDG, 3-A Sanitary Standards and FDA. Through monthly video conferences, INOXPA and AVK GUMMI have followed up on the test results and determined the technical requirements and the design of the valve.

The solution

”We have reached a solution that fulfils our expectations and the requirements that we had,” says David Reyero, Technical Manager, INOXPA and adds: ”The INNOVA valve is a very solid, high quality product, and our sales team is extremely excited. Our sales have started to increase already, which means that we are gaining a bigger portion of the market. We have definitely reached our goal, and we are proud to present the brand new family of INNOVA valves to markets all over the world.”

The cooperation

“The cooperation with AVK GUMMI has been easy right from signing the agreement through to the tools,  samples and the finished products. Everything has been done the right way, and we have no complaints concerning the communication and feedback from AVK GUMMI. Whenever we have a request, we always get feedback,” says Rob Kolkman.

INOXPA S.A.U., Spanien

Seat valve

Founded in Banyoles, Spain, in 1972, INOXPA is a renowned and long-standing business group specialised in the manufacture and trade of stainless steel fluid handling components (pumps, agitators, blenders, valves, etc.) as well as the management of processes and services for different industries. The INNOVA valve is a global component that has already been introduced in various markets. The basic characteristics of the valve are:

  • High productivity
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Continuous product quality
  • Perfect cleaning

Furthermore, the valve is fully drainable and cleanable with an internal surface finish of Ra≤0,8μm.

One of the most important aspects when producing any type of valve is the sealing property of the rubber gasket. In this connection, the choice of material plays an important role, and it was no coincidence that the choice fell on AVK GUMMI. We had very good experience working with AVK GUMMI from previous projects. Furthermore, we knew that, compared with the competition, the material selection of AVK GUMMI is superior.
Rob Kolkman, Purchasing Manager, INOXPA S.A.U.