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Professional cooperation

Being a supplier, we are deeply dependent on your experience of AVK GUMMI as a trustworthy and professional company. Our solutions must be characterised by a high level of quality and innovation. In short, we must be professional in all that we do.

This is particularly important in the sales process.


Our dialogue is based on the nature of your product as well as the application and the market in which you operate. Often, this is an advantage as together we can then optimise the function and the production process right from the start.

We meet your requirements

We welcome any task with high demands on the rubber solution, e.g. in relation to the function, geometry, quality or compliance requirements that the product must fulfil in the market. Such requirements are often difficult to measure and convert into practical solutions. This is where our competent technicians, chemical engineers and commercial colleagues come into the picture. The different requirements are often conflicting, and therefore it is important to find the exact right solutions. This is best done in close dialogue with you.


Confidentiality concerning your Intellectual Property Rights is a matter of course for AVK GUMMI. We are used to working under non-disclosure agreements, and we always handle your information in a secure and professional manner. If required, we are happy to assist you with the wording of a confidentiality agreement.

However, the most important aspect is that we assess all new inquiries proactively in order to handle any possible conflicts between customised design solutions.

Together, we identify the technical requirements, and as soon as the 2D and 3D drawings have been adjusted, we will work out a quotation for you. Naturally, the quotation will be based on your expectations to the annual consumption as well as your tool investment budget.

If you wish to test the rubber materials before we produce the items, we will provide you with the required samples and documentation. Finally, we are happy to carry out further testing that will reflect the product requirements.

Test and sample tool

Next step is manufacturing of initial samples that will be delivered to you together with a detailed measuring report. If required, we will start with a sample tool with which we can produce a limited number of items. This solution will of course take longer, but it will give you an even higher security that the final product will work precisely as you want it to.

0-series production

The last step before running production is a 0-series production. The purpose of this is to document the quality of a larger number of items out of the production tool. We always agree on the amount of items of the 0-series production with you so that you may feel comfortable without receiving more items than required.

Medico production

For medical products, the process is more or less the same, only the amount of documentation is much larger. For instance, the project will contain a section concerning product and process validation.

Contact our sales team

Regardless of the size of the task or the level of complexity, we look forward to cooperating with you.

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