Background of the project

After many years of cooperation between AVK GUMMI and Kieselmann, Kieselmann wanted to extend the partnership through a project concerning the development and production of a series of butterfly valve gaskets. The aim of the project was to extend the series of gaskets and at the same time carry out a complete optimisation of the product.

The process

The project was initiated with a thorough review of the requirement specification with focus on the demands and expectations of Kieselmann. After that, the first tools and test samples were scheduled.

“In connection with such a large-scale project it is of vital importance that we have detailed information concerning the demands on compression, sealing pressure, temperature range, etc. right from the start,” says Carsten Bach Jensen, Sales Manager at AVK GUMMI.

The solution

Since it was an optimisation project, Kieselmann already had experience with the product and knew exactly what they wanted.

”We produced test samples with our newly developed rubber quality, EAF-75, which had been developed especially for the production of butterfly valve gaskets,” says Carsten Bach Jensen and adds: “The sealing pressure and closing torque of the items were tested at various temperatures at the modern test facilities of Kieselmann.

Based on the test results, we were then able to carry out the optimisation of the gaskets in close cooperation with Kieselmann. This resulted in a 100% functional gasket with the desired properties.”

The cooperation

”The cooperation with AVK GUMMI is simply wonderful,” says Uwe Heisswolf. “We have a close contact, and the communication is always open and direct. Even though the duration of the development project was a little longer than expected, the high demand of flexibility and the rapid feedback that we received whenever we encountered any challenges provided us with an optimum product optimisation process. We have reached our goal, and we will definitely contact AVK GUMMI in connection with future projects.”


Butterfly valve gasket

As one of the leading manufacturers of fluid technology, Kieselmann develops and manufactures stainless steel process fittings and equipment for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The production is in Germany, and the products and services are available worldwide, with subsidiaries in China and Russia and 31 international agencies.

The background of the project was to find a supplier, who could produce all the gaskets of the same high quality and of the same material. Based on previous experience concerning the development of the other dimensions of the gasket, we knew that AVK GUMMI was a competent and reliable cooperative partner
Uwe Heisswolf, Engineer and Head of Department, Kieselmann GmbH