Our policies

AVK GUMMIs policies include:

  • Quality
  • Environment
  • Working environment

AVK GUMMIs policies are in line with our mission, vision and values and are an important part of the strategic foundation of our company. At the same time, the determined policies are supported by the management system, which is an efficient and easily comprehensible management tool with explicit guidelines for all employees.

Quality policy and objectives

We wish to maintain our position as a qualitative market leader through:

  • A close cooperation and a proactive dialogue with customers and partners
  • Regular customer satisfaction surveys
  • Visible management and employee involvement
  • Recruitment of employees with a high degree of motivation, insight and understanding of quality and product/productivity development
  • Training and education of employees
  • Quality-conscious suppliers that help contribute to the above

Environmental policy and objectives

The environmental performance of AVK GUMMI is improved through the fact that it is the duty and responsibility of all employees to seek to:

  • Reduce the relative consumption of raw materials, semi-finished components, processing aids and energy
  • Recycle raw materials, semi-finished components and processing aids
  • Recycle in the way that all waste should be handled as part of the recycling plan. Whenever this is not possible, the waste must be disposed of in the best possible way
  • Substitute raw materials, semi-finished products and processing aids whenever possible, with the aim of improving the environmental impact and the working environment of AVK GUMMI
  • Dismiss raw materials, semi-finished products and processing aids that will increase AVK GUMMI’s environmental impact compared to other alternatives
  • Consider ressource consumption and environmental issues when investing in new assets

Occupational health and safety - policy and objectives

The health and safety performance of AVK GUMMI is improved through the fact that it is the duty and responsibility of all employees to:

  • Reduce the risk of accidents by reporting and registering all accidents and potential accidents
  • Seek to reduce the number of accidents through various precautionary measures and analysis
  • Consider the health and safety conditions when choosing new equipment and designing new work stations
  • Improve the existing working environment whenever this is technically and financially possible
  • Inform and educate all employees so that each and every employee may react in the best possible way in case of an accident or emergency
  • To respect all legislation and regulatory requirements


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