Intellectual Property Rights

What does IPR mean?

Why IPR is so important: You spend many resources on designing your product so that it will have a strong position in the market. The commercial potential must be exploited and therefore also protected. Maybe you are seeking to patent your product – or critical parts thereof. You might also choose not to apply for a patent; that way, you will not have to disclose your critical competences to other people. Both strategies may be right, depending on the nature of the product and the market situation. The most important thing is to consider your strategy concerning Intellectual Property Rights before you announce your results.

Supplier cooperation

If you manufacture all parts of your product yourself, it is relatively easy to protect your know-how, but if your product contains rubber components, you must consider specific requirements. Although the rubber components only constitute a small part of the final product, they are often critical to the function of the product. Furthermore, with the extensive know-how behind the development and production of rubber and rubber components, it makes sense to team up with a competent supplier.

Credibility is one of the core values of AVK GUMMI. It is important that you feel safe when sharing your information with us – that way, we can give you the best possible advice and counselling. Confidentiality and cooperation agreements are an integral part of many of our projects and may be based on standard agreements or an agreement delivered by you. We always carefully review the agreement, and we will always give you an honest and constructive feedback, leaving behind no doubts when signing the agreement.

Another important aspect is the way that we handle the information that we have concerning your product in our assessment of an inquiry from another customer. If we can see that the design of the product requested is too close to that of your protected know-how, we will reject the inquiry.

Therefore, it also goes without saying that we will never use the tool in which you have invested for the production of other customers’ products.

In this way, AVK GUMMI helps you protect your interests.